The Buildings

For many years, driving through the countryside in south east Wisconsin, we watched how too many historic farm buildings were disapearing. Some were taken back by nature and others burned or torn down to make room for new. 

All of our buildings at Ramhorn Farm were once a part of another Wisconsin farm.

All of them would no longer exist if we had not taken them down to find  their new home at Ramhorn Farm.

Our buildings are of  German Fachwerk, timber frame and log construction. They date to the 1840's through 1860's.

Wisconsion farm buildings are architectural treasures that were built by people that had left their homelands in Europe  hoping for a better life. Besides their houses farms had many outbuildings for different purposes. They were shelters for their animals, barns for the protection of their crops, summer kitchens and bake ovens to prepare their food and buildings  for workers to stay in. Even though they were utilitarian buildings, they are still architectural treasures worth preserving. They are witness to a time when people were much more closely connected to nature. 


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