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About Us

Ramhorn Farm was born out of our passion for the preservation of historic buildings and the love for gardens and nature. 

When we found the land that is now Ramhorn Farm it had been farmed conventionally for decades, Our soils were tired and the wood lands were slowly taken over by buckthorn. Nobody had lived on the land for the last 30 some years. The original barn had caved in, From the outbuildings only foundations were left and the little log house was home for rodents and snakes. Old apple trees told stories from better times at the farm.

Unfortunately too many beautiful old farms are falling victim to modern farming practices. Hedgerows that provided habitat for birds, our natural insect control, are being eliminated. Beautiful buildings are making room for oversized metal sheds and chemicals are used to control pretty much everything.

When we found the site that is now Ramhorn Farm we had an instant connection to this naturally beautiful spot. It was the spirit of the place that drew us to it and guided us to what ever we would be doing from here on.

The 125 acres of   Ramhorn Farm is now protected by the Washington/Ozaukee County Land Trust. We dedicated a small portion of the farm as a development area were our buildings are now situated. They are surrounded by tillable land, wetlands, woodlands and a fifteen acre prairie that we planted in 2011.

Over a period of ten years, driven by our passions, we created a place that gave new life to historic buildings. Our fields, hedges, natural fences and gardens are home not only to us and our three labs, Teddy, Lucy and Willie, but also to much wild life that is thriving in their chemical free natural habitat. 

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